Friday, September 10, 2004

mri gown brain blog

So I registered for this service that keeps statistics on my websites (this blog and so that I can see who visits (i.p address and regions of origin only - I can't figure out individuals from the info), when they visit, and how they get here. For example, most people come directly here because I give them the address; that's the nature of this blog. But more and more have been finding it accidentally, and if they do so by typing searchwords into a search engine (like google or lycos) I can see what those searchwords are.

It's all designed for people serving up a product or service. Me, I'm just naturally curious.

I did a keyword search for and was creeped out to find out that several had reached it by typing in "how to make love". Huh? I suddenly remembered that I had posted a picture on the site of two amorous porcupines (long story, newsgroup joke) with the caption: "How do porcupines make love? Very, very carefully."

I took the page down before that went any further.

But that's nothing compared to my bafflement at discovering that three different people visited this blog after typing into a search engine the words: "mri gown brain blog".

What they were looking for, I fear we will never know.



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