Monday, September 20, 2004

Some days are stones.

I had a dreadful day on Friday, which began with sending a fax in the middle of my boss' important conference call (I haven't been in this office long enough to realize the fax and that phone shared a line; and of course when I started the fax I couldn't tell that the line was engaged 'cause I'm deaf; so I cut them off and felt like an idiot) and went downhill from there. I was moving offices, there were all kinds of things going on with my fellow staff and Board coming and going and I couldn't figure out what was going on - or even catch people to ask.

After work there was the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, which I hoped might miraculously cheer me up in spite of the fact that I couldn't hear the music; and it was great to spend time with friends (especially C., whose birthday it was - Happy Birthday, C.!). After she went home, though, the place filled up with Festival partygoers (amateurs) and my experience of the rest of the evening was pretty much overcrowding, slow table service, lineups in the ladies' and general confusion for because I got no auditory signals to help with the crowd situation. And no music to offset the usual inconveniences of a Festival event. So it was kind of a bummer. I didn't bother to go to any of the other shows. Husband went with other friends - I would've felt badly if he'd missed the shows, but he had a generally good experience, I think, in spite of lousy weather all weekend being the cream-cheese icing on the carrot cake.

Today (Monday) is looking up, though, things are back on track at work and my boss actually made a special trip in to talk to me and apologize for letting things get confusing for me on Friday, not keeping me in the loop, which was very nice. And I produced two good pieces of work, just this morning, two strong first drafts of documents. So that's a good start to the week.

Still nothing from Halifax. I'd better at least get a Christmas card, goddamnit!



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