Wednesday, September 01, 2004


I don't usually 'do' politics in this blog but some things are just beyond ignoring, since they make my eyebrows shoot up so high I cancel my botox appointment for that month.

The Republicans invited Arnold Schwarzenegger to address their convention last night. Eager to show how big their "Big Tent" is, they held Arnold up as an example of the immigrant experience, and he in turn spoke movingly of his immigration story and his love for America. The underlying message was that the GOP is the party of "my fellow immigrants".

It was a touching illustration of the Republican Party's deep understanding of and compassion for the immigrant experience, since statistics show the overwhelming majority of US immigrants are in fact white Europeans who enter the country to train with Joe Weider, having just won the title of Pro Mr. Universe. It just goes to show that any one of them, if they work hard enough, could become a movie star, marry into a wealthy and influentical political family and become Governor of California.

Of course, you can never become President someday. No, no matter how American you think you are, unless you were birthed on her sacred soil, you'll never be quite American enough for that.

Too bad, Ah-nold.



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