Monday, March 07, 2005

Believe in the Bunny

Well, the bag is packed, I'm ready to go and there ain't nothing left now but the waiting.

(Note dorky pink and white pyjamas to the left and ratty old but comforting bathrobe to the right. It's "Fashion File: the Victoria General Hospital Edition".)

And note the Bunny. We Believe in the Healing Power of the Bunny. We decided so at the office today.

Leaving at 8 sharp tomorrow, and will probably have to maintain radio silence until after the operation, because we are staying at a new hotel and I don't know about web access. (We're slowly trying out every hotel in Halifax. Why not? All the decent ones are in more-or-less the same price range, so we thought we might as well have some fun with it.)

Sis will update on Wednesday. Once again, thank you all for getting me to this point. You gave me faith when my reservoir of hope was on "empty", lifted me up when things felt too heavy to bear anymore, and humour when I wanted to cry. I am taking every one of you with me in some form or another.

I'll be back :)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am thinking about you all day today, Ronnie! Good luck!

11:02 a.m.  

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