Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A call to be there for 'Mom'

Friends, for those of you who have followed the story of Mom's Cancer (not my Mom - Brian and his siblings' Mom), and Mom's subsequent weblog, Mom's Recovery, Mom has had a bit of a scare recently, which is being investigated now and which we are all fervently hoping is nothing at all... but if you are able, drop over to her weblog and post a message of support, and whatever else you do, send good thoughts and good energy her way that this new development turns out to be nothing, nothing, nothing at all.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ronnie, thanks so much for this. I made sure Mom saw it and it really lifted her spirits.

I'm writing Friday afternoon, following a day at "Impressive Hospital." We don't know anything conclusive yet; the specialists need to study some more tests and will have a much clearer picture on Monday. There's something going on in Mom's brain (insert punchline here), they just don't know what. When I learn more, and if Mom is comfortable sharing the info, I'll post a note here.

Thanks again to you and your readers for the good "mojo." It means a lot to us.


7:49 p.m.  

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