Thursday, March 24, 2005

Go Ronnie... got the date, now... Go Ronnie

Activation Date is April 7!

Go ronnie... you got it... do da dance now... go ronnie... shake your puff tail... you got it... it's yer birthday... go ronnie...

(no, it's not really my birthday, but I gather that is an obligatory part of the "go person" song.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

from a r.a.c.s. lurker (only because I haven't really figured out how to work the reply functions since r.a.c.s. moved from internet to Yahoo group):

This is not really a captioning cock-up, rather the opposite, I think. When I first got a TV that did captioning, I of course tried it out. I was watching a movie late one night and discovered that while all the obscenities (and there were many) were being bleeped out of the audio (soooooo irritating), they were intact in the captioning. Apparently deaf people are allowed to be in charge of their own standards.

Shall I send you some haikus written by cats?

Jeane Moore

3:54 p.m.  

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