Monday, March 07, 2005

Killing Time

Husband said on Friday evening that he wanted me to rest up this weekend. Just do nothing, de-stress. We didn't want a cold coming on or for me to be in any kind of a stressed-out or physically exhausted position.

He's absolutely right of course. So since Friday all I have done is gone shopping for a pair of dorky pyjamas, gone grocery shopping, pre-made a few meals to be frozen for after I'm home, done a massive laundry (recuperation clothes plus first week back at work plus linens 'cause I'm not gonna feel much like laundry, I'd guess), returned the dorky PJs for a better size (well, what can I say? Nobody tries on pyjamas in the store!), hit a used bookstore for a bagful of trashy true crime books to read while I'm recuperating, finished some speakers' remarks for my boss use to open that conference I was talking about, responded to a bunch of emails that were overdue (by months in some cases), arranged some things with my Sis (about which more later), and, in the frenzy brought on by nervous adrenaline, also managed to scrub the upstairs bathroom floor, clean the microwave, tidy the living room and...

Well, y'know. Just all sorts of taking care of business and nervous activity an' stuff.

The reason for the dorky pyjamas is that I've been told I shouldn't wear anything I have to pull over my head for the first week or so, and what I usually wear to bed isn't really appropriate for Ward 3G anyway. That means dorky short-sleeved two-piece flannel button-ups. From experience, I know you don't want a nightgown (too much exposed if they need to yank it up for some reason) and you need short sleeves (bloodwork). Isn't it neat how you become an old hand at this crap?

Since Husband was already named Minister of Health by acclaimation, I have appointed Sis Minister of Information, and she has graciously accepted the post. This means that she'll post a note to the weblog as soon as she gets info from Husband in Halifax. That should be sometime early Wednesday afternoon.

She'll be carrying the responsibility of a double portfolio, since she has already been named Minister of Cats, and will be taking care of the casa and the kitties while we're away.

The three women I work most closely with came into my office this morning with a card and a stuffed bunny, which was just a great gesture because I can take the little guy to Halifax with me. I'm feeling very superstitious this time 'round and have acquired a little collection of talismans I am bringing to the hospital with me, notes and the bunny and some photos. On paper I have a two-hour wait between the time I am to be at the hospital and the surgery time... that will be the longest two hours of my life and having some things to occupy me will help.

I'll post again before I leave tomorrow morning...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well put me in overshoes and call me a duck.

Ronnie I'm thinking of you and sending bright Maritime blue sky light and warm hot chocolate fuzzy blanket thoughts.

Yvonne @ child care

3:47 p.m.  

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