Wednesday, March 30, 2005

New Improved Ronniecat NOW! 100% surgical-staple free!

Got the surgical staples out today. Zoom-zoom, all the way to Halifax this morning, appointment with Dr. B. at noon, and back home.

I wasn't looking forward to it but it was much smoother and much more painless than past experiences. He has a light touch; the incision is, in his words, "well-healed"; scalp skin is some of the toughest and least pain-sensitive on the human body; and he complimented us on how clean and well-cared-for the site was. Well, that's thanks mostly to Husband. I tried to clean and dress the thing myself with antibiotic cream, using two mirrors, but really...

"We only get one shot at this..."

So everything looks great, Dr. B. is dead pleased, and wants to see us again in three months.

Next countdown: to April 7, when the implant's to be "activated".

With the surgical staples gone, it's the first time since the op that I haven't had any tightness or discomfort around that area. I'm thinking I'll sleep well tonight.

Excellent question posed by JGM today in a comment below, about how comedy "works" on TV when viewing it via closed-captions. Looking forward to thinking about it and replying to it, but for tonight, I'm pretty beat, and there's work tomorrow...



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