Friday, February 23, 2007

Beauty and the Beast

I fell in love with the tasteful Dove Pro-Age commercials (scroll down a wee bit to watch the ad), featuring several carefully-posed nude women over 50, the minute I first saw them. They're part of what Dove is calling its "Campaign for Real Beauty", which seeks to educate women (particularly young women) about the manipulation used in creating the images of beauty they consume, and to aspire to a more realistic standard of beauty.

They are 17 women in all from the UK, US, Canada and Europe; they are teachers, physiotherapists, bakers, businesswomen, moms and grandmoms. None of the women are professional models; none has any prior modeling experience, for that matter. And can you not honestly say that these are some of the most beautiful women you've ever seen?

Imagine how shocked I was to read in the paper this morning that they've been banned by the FCC in the US, although they are airing here in Canada

It can't be the prudery. A dozen American soap and body cream commercials contain young thin models carefully posed to cover their not-safe-for-tv bits.

I guess American eyes must be shielded from such hideous crones.

Shame on the FCC.



Blogger Xtreme English said...

oh, fun!! well, the ad was banned from the SUPER BOWL!!! duh. where else? i guess it's too much for 'merica's couch potatoes to be watching what could be their wives or mothers or grandmothers showing a bit of skin--and appearing to enjoy it, too! tsk!

this is my favorite quote from one ad website bout this pro-age ad:

"The choice of women was wonderful but the women being photographed naked was offensive. Very offensive. What is the point? You could have used the same women clothed and sold your products with style...showing women doing what they do with their lives. This brings them down and takes away their dignity. We have fought to be lifted up and now you are using our skin to shame us. These women should be proud of who they are but I do not see the connection in selling skin care to women by showing indecent photos of women. The men will love them but they do not buy Dove products. I won't be buying Dove anymore. I am canceling my subscription to Better Homes and Gardens too because they had this ad in their magazine."

lol...the he-men couldn't even bear to watch it on their sacred superbowl! you can almost hear archie bunker: "edit'...stifle! go put yer clothes back on!!"

i'm sorry this stuff doesn't appear to come in a bar of soap, or i'd buy some.

BH&G...gonna go buy one. I applied for a job once there, and the woman told me i did not have to say i was hard of hearing. she said that was my own business. she also said her boss wore a hearing aid. You run into enlightenment in the strangest (Des Moines) places....

9:27 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie,

I'm gonna have to call BS on this one without a better source. I checked the FCC website and there is no record of them offering any opinion on that commercial.

Further Googling also suggests that the story only ran in newspapers that were in Canada. Which isn't a bad thing all by itself, but I would think that a story like that would have picked up some attention in US papers.

The only links I could find were back to and other Canadian newspaper sites.

The most I can find is that the NFL and/or the TV network that aired the Super Bowl delined to air it fearing FCC action. But gutlessness on the part of the NFL and the networks isn't exactly new and it isn't an FCC 'ban'.


7:39 p.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

Hi Dann,

Ad Age and several mainstream papers (Toronto Sun and Star, among others) cite an FCC 'ban'. I can't find definitive information one way or the other, but will continue to look.

10:46 a.m.  

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