Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beaten, and somewhat bowed.

Sorry for not posting lately. It has been a very hard couple of months.

Of course there was losing Veronica, which affected both of us in ways we didn't expect and which still leaves a constant sadness in our hearts which flares up into surprising pain unexpectedly now and then.

Workloads have been heavier than usual for both of us. And both of our workplaces are undergoing change and upheaval in different ways, which is also stressful.

But there's no doubt that one of the things that is depressing not just me but many of our coworkers and neighbours is the weather. We have been snowed on, and snowed on, and snowed on. Snowstorm follows snowstorm follows snowstorm. Roofs are collapsing. Snowbanks are spilling into the streets and sidewalks are icy messes; even after being plowed they're near-impossible to navigate. Wheelchair, walker and crutch users are writing plaintive letters to the editor begging the city to fix this, as they're practically housebound. Streets are constantly slippery and every driving errand is a risk.

On Thursday we came home from work and raked a ridiculous amount of snow from the roofs of our front and back porches, to prepare them for the 30 cm more we got on Friday afternoon and overnight. Then we shoveled the snow we had raked off the roof out of the driveway. We had almost no place to put it. The snowbank in front of the house is at least 2 metres tall now. The back yard is full. And we're getting 10 more cms on Monday.

We're Canadians. Winter practically defines us. But nobody can remember a winter as bad, and it's relentless and destructive and causing nothing but stress and headaches and damage and money worries. It takes all your energy to get up, deal with the latest mess, navigate your way to work, come home and wait for the next mess. It's spirit-crushing.

The only thing that keeps you going is knowing that it will end. (And, in our lucky case, that we will escape it for a little while soon.) But in the meantime, it's just rough times for all of us. And not a lot of enthusiasm for our usual pursuits.

It will end.


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This picture. Just because.

getting there,



Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Why I'm dreaming of Cayo Largo

On the same day I shot the video in the last post, a particularly close friend :) was also filming much better footage, and created this poignant short film. Which I hope is nominated for a Gemini, and an Oscar, and anything else they care to throw at it.

It's been that kind of winter.



Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A walk in the snow

Walking home in Fredericton's 4th snowstorm in as many weeks... Blizzardy! It was snowing really hard when I took this but it was a fine snow and you can't really see it in this grainy cellphone video. Ah well, Husband requested snowy video so here it is!