Sunday, May 12, 2013

Commander Hadfield's fantastic finale.

He's tweeted, and tweeted, and tweeted. He's done video links, and duets from space, and ham radio interviews, and overseen a successful unscheduled space walk to fix an ammonium leak. Which worked! And tomorrow, after a spectacularly successful mission, Commander Chris Hadfield will return to earth. And into the arms of his family, who lent him to us for five months.

And he left us one particular gem. Ladies and gentlemen, "Space Oddity", sung from... space.

UPDATE! They've added captions! I was impressed when Commandeer Hadfield started posting sounds of the International Space Station for his visually impaired followers. This is extra special too.

His entire country is so proud of him. We're just waiting for him to come home to show him how much.