Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Lots to be thankful for this year.

My Dad had a heart crisis a couple of months ago and had to be fitted with a pacemaker. He came through fine and is doing great.

Mom O. had to be hospitalized for awhile, but with patience and her own hard work, she is back in her tidy little apartment and still living independently (with some professional supports and great support from her family which we are also thankful for).

And nearly 2.5 years after his diagnosis with feline chronic renal failure, Mojo the can is fit as a fiddle and happy and running around the house like a mad little bugger, still only with thrice-weekly sub-q fluid injections and a special diet.

Made some improvements to the homestead that we're very happy with - back yard completely overhauled and driveway paved.

And of course Husband.

We're having just a fantastic end-of-summer. You can hardly call it autumn yet, although the trees are spectacular, as they always are in New Brunswick this time of year. Temperatures are decent and many sunny warm days are still being enjoyed.

And we're headed back to Cuba in a while :)

Although today is Thanksgiving we've gotten into the habit of having the feast on the holiday Monday, so I'll be tackling a prime rib roast tomorrow. Haven't done one of those before but I'm looking forward to it. How did we cook anything before the interwebs, I wonder? Oh, I know. The Joy of Cooking. I still have the copy Mom O. gave me, and I've given half a dozen or more as wedding presents. You can't go wrong with The Joy (as Mom O. and I call it).

Very thankful. May you have every reason to be just as.