Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Play the old year out.

It's a New Year's Eve tradition.

Let the good guys win this year.

We've been back to Cuba (it was fantastic) and returned 3 weeks ago to the worst winter anybody can remember in living memory. About a metre of snow (that's 3 feet for you Yanks) just since Christmas Eve and freezing rain that has coated everything in ice. Our car and our house are suffering and breaking. And we're in the middle of an unplanned and unwanted kitchen renovation due to some water damage in a wall a while ago. The contents of our kitchen are in our dining room. It's been a tremendously stressful holiday break. And we're lucky. Some people in NB have been without power since Christmas Eve. We, at least, have a working microwave and a fridge. In our dining room.

Gotta get better from here out.

Happy New Year, everybody.