Sunday, June 27, 2004

Good and Bad Advice

Outside my very close circle who know me best, not all the advice has been sterling. I have already had "visualization", acupuncture (which I've had before for entirely unrelated things and which works, so isn't *so* whack, but which I strongly doubt is capable of re-animating dead nerve endings) and "touchless reiki therapy" recommended.

Bless their fuzzy-headed hearts.

But my favourite was a co-worker who is particularly prone to every quack spirtual/psychological babble that passes her way, who asked me seriously, "The true question is, what is it you don't *want* to hear, [ronnie]? Once you can discover that and come to terms with it, then your hearing will come back..."

No, I didn't hit her.

But I did invite her to exit my office through the bad feng-sheui door.



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