Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Never mind, just give us five cubits

It is heartwarming to discover, sometimes, that the deaf are not the only people who sometimes seem to be wandering around in a world all our own, having an entirely different conversation than the one the person we're talking to is having.

Husband's latest project involves a guitar amp, a speaker, a soldering iron, marr connectors and 18/2 gauge electrical wire, among other things. In order to get that wire, last Saturday we did what all Good Canadians do on Saturday and went to Canadian Tire.

Having located a big old roll of the proper wire, we caught the attention of a department attendant.

Attendant: "Hi. Can I help you?"

Husband: "Yes. I'd like 8 feet of this wire."

Attendant: "We don't sell it in feet. We sell it in metres."

Husband: "Oh. Okay. I'll take three metres of it then."

The attendant pulls a great yank of wire off the roll and lays it out straight on the floor at Husband's feet.

Husband: "What are you doing?"

Attendant: "I'm measuring it. The tiles are a foot wide." He counts off eight tiles.

Husband looks at him uncomprehendingly.

Attendant: "We don't have a yardstick."

"It was like a Monty Python skit," Husband said later. "I kept expecting Graham Chapman to turn up in a WWI uniform and interrupt it."



Anonymous Sister said...

"NO ONE expects the Spanish Inqusition!"

5:46 p.m.  

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