Sunday, October 09, 2005

Simple as a phone call...

I apologize for not posting more often but I've been in a really busy phase at work; and when I haven't been working Husband and I have been searching for new cellphones. Our good ol' Motorla V-boxes were the right thing when I was deaf and we communicated completely via text when apart; but while they're great text phones, they're not great cellphones; the speakers are poor, the design clumsy, and the battery too-quickly drained when actually using the phone to make calls. So it was time to look for new mobiles for both of us.

Comparing and researching phones and plans is as bleeding difficult as buying a car, honestly, and compounding the difficulty is something that came as a real surprise to me - many cellphones are not compatible with CIs and hearing aids. When I tried out our first choice of phone, I suddenly heard a loud buzzing accompanied by a rhythmic drumming noise like someone was playing a very loud bongo in my brain. It totally obliterated the voice on the other end. Our research told us that this is 'a known issue', and that in its usual lightening-quick response to the needs of the handicapped, the FCC has declared that a whopping 50% of cellphones sold in the US must be CI-compatible. By 2008.

Fortunately, not 100% are incompatible now (parse that twice), and so I have been trying out a whole bunch of phones. We think we've finally found an ideal little phone that works for me, has great reviews across the 'net, has a camera (something we wanted if we were going to get new mobiles) and even takes video. So if it works well expect a lot more stupid photos and even video on the blog :) .

Other than that is has been a very quiet weekend. It's Thanksgiving in Canada and that means a 3-day weekend, and it's been pouring rain since Friday, (I mean, seriously pouring: check out the current satellite photo courtesy The Weather Network:

We're under there somewhere...)

So all 4 of us have spent a lot of time curled up on the bed surfing the net, watching tv and sleeping. And that's just fine by me.



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