Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dear Canadian Soldier...

It has been a really rough week for our Canadian troops serving in Afghanistan, and my thoughtful sister asked if I knew a way to write to our troops overseas. A little digging turned up the information that you can send letters and postcards (but nothing else) to "Any CF Member", not only in Afghanistan but in our other current OPs in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sinai, Golan Heights, or Jerusalem. The addresses are here.

There is really nothing like paper mail, but alternately you can post to a public online message board where notes of support for the troops are available for them to browse through. I expect we can't imagine or understand how much these messages of support and encouragement mean to them, especially right now, when they have lost a number of brothers in a row, and when their role is being publicly squabbled about at home by everybody on all sides, mostly for political purposes.

Drop them a line. It'll take ten seconds and it'll make some 20-year-old kid from Brandon or the Gaspé or Black Tickle feel a little better on a lousy day.



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