Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Things we said today Part II

Earlier I started "Things we said today", an irregular collection of the odd things you find popping out of your mouth when your workplace is as diverse and quirky as mine is.

- - -

Trying to order sandwiches for a meeting that will include one Jew, two Muslims, a Hindu, a strict vegan, two Christians and several assorted omnivores from a place that inexplicably "doesn't do vegetarian sandwiches":
"Oh, my God, no, we can't 'just order ham and cheese and pick the ham off'!!!"

- - -

(Hangs up phone)
Co-worker: "Who was that?"
Me: "Reporter. He wants someone from the Darfur region who 'really has a dramatic backstory' and preferably a couple of photogenic kids, and seems to think we are 'Rent-a-Refugee'."

- - -

"You want a what for your husband's birthday party? A belly dancer? Uh... well, surprisingly, I do have the number of someone who does that, yeah."



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