Saturday, July 22, 2006

Iron Man

I'm a huge fan of public art, and I'm really glad that Gallery Connexion and PEI artist Gerald Beaulieu are putting on an exhibit called "Superheroes" around downtown Fredericton this summer.

(Tragically, the yobs we shall always have with us; two of his sculptures were vandalized the night he put them up. Nice hospitality to offer a visiting artist indeed, and I hope those responsible are pleased with themselves. Mr. Beaulieu is repairing the damaged artworks.)

I'm particularly fond of "Iron Man", which is in King's Place Shopping Centre downtown. Because he stands against several large windows and my camera phone doesn't have a flash, it was a challenge to get a clear shot of him. but here he is. I like him quite a lot. He's tall!

I've been in Moncton for two days of professional development; we took a day-long training course on Workshop Facilitation (how to run workshops, basically) and then a day-long course on Promotion and Marketing. Very, very good stuff which was designed to train us in one particular program we'll be offering, but the skills are highly transferable across all programs and projects.

Other than that, just watching the Middle East implode :(



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