Tuesday, September 05, 2006


With the election just a couple of weeks away, I thought I'd share a few election-related blogs that I've discovered. While there are more blogs than these about New Brunswick in general and New Brunswick politics in particular, these are quite focused on tracking the election at the moment.

While the campaign to date has been a bit of a snoozefest, I have the feeling that things are going to finally get interesting in the next two weeks. When that happens, these will be good places to read the ground-level take on events as they occur, not only on the part of the bloggers, but their commentors.

Seems to lean Liberal but is working very hard to present a fair and unbiased view of the election campaign.

Spink about it
Probably slants more visibly to the right than he realizes he does :) but also tries to be fair.

The Campaign Trail - Liberal Leader Shawn Graham's campaign journal
(The hot question about this one is who's writing it? It's written in the first person, but the consensus is that the leader doesn't have the time to actually post an update every day. Queries as to authorship are so far met with the sound of crickets chirping...)

Campaign Trail - CBC political reporter Jacques Poitras' campaign blog http://www.cbc.ca/nbvotes2006/blog/poitras/
(Okay, one of you guys gotta change your blog name. You showed up at the party in the same dress.)

The Election Insider - CanadaEast's election blog (CanadaEast is the collective website for New Brunswick's newspapers), writtten by reporter Clarissa Andersen.

And, of course, Oldmaison - Charles LeBlanc blogs the election in his own entirely inimitable and occasionally barely readable, but compelling, way:




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