Friday, October 13, 2006

Sharing culture a slice at a time.

Sharing food is one of the easiest and most pleasant ways of sharing culture, and people in my multi-ethnic workplace often bring traditional foods or treats to share with others. Yesterday I decided to return the favour and I brought something into the lunch room during break.

"This is a traditional Canadian treat," I said, "We always eat it this time of year. Americans eat it, too."

"What is it?" they asked, one opining dubiously, "It doesn't look very good."

When I explained what it was and how it was made, it was greeted with some incredulity. What an odd combination of ingredients! A type of squash, dairy products, eggs, spices? And this was a dessert?

Forks were produced and my friends - some of them very new to Canada - had a try. Most weren't very daring at first, taking a sample little bigger than a pea. A couple didn't like it at all ("It no good!" said one girl firmly) but most were pleasantly surprised, and the rest of my offering disappeared within five minutes as people helped themselves to bigger servings.

So that's the last of the pumpkin pie!




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