Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hoop # 9..

I will be out of touch for awhile as the super-duper gee-whiz impressive Toshiba laptop is in for repairs (rolls eyes) for not one, but two, known issues. Seems Toshiba keeps manufacturing and selling Satellite laptops with both defective cooling fans and defective monitors. Nice. And now I've been told that (probably due to the number of these units which are failing) the parts needed are on backorder and are expected to arrive on March 15. I won't be recommending Toshiba laptops to anyone anytime soon.

But while my road warrior won't be on the road, I will be. I have my consultation with the surgical team on Thursday. Husband calls the Halifax audiologist to ask if there is anything else we need to do on our end before the appointment (I've gotten my innoculations, chosen my CI model...). No, she says, she already "has [my] MRI ready for projection". Now if that isn't a bizarre image... me and Husband and a team of professionals gazing at my semi-transparent head, thrown larger-than-life onto a white screen.

Sis and friends will hold down the fort and amuse the kitties at Casa Ronniecat and I'll be sending regular updates back to them. And to you all, on Friday or Saturday. Wish me luck. I am not expecting any nasty surprises - they've had the CAT Scan and MRI for months, so surely if something stood in the way of successful surgery they'd know before we'd gotten to this point. But it's just when you stop looking for a nasty surprise that you get one, innit?

See you on Saturday.



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