Sunday, June 27, 2004

In today's "The Irony Gods Laugh" Department:

'Reissue' for classic Clash album

(BBC Online)

UK rock band The Clash's landmark album London Calling is to be reissued with newly-discovered demo tracks and unseen live DVD footage, it is reported.
It will include a CD of demos dubbed The Vanilla Tapes, found in a storage facility belonging to Clash guitarist Mick Jones, Sony Music said.

A film featuring band interviews and studio footage will also be included.

A 45-minute documentary created by band associate Don Letts also contains previously unreleased live performances, and a conversation with former manager Kosmo Vinyl.

The demos were found in storage belonging to Mick Jones

The demos include songs that did not make the final cut for London Calling, although a tracklisting has not been finalised.


Blogger Tina said...

Ronnie - please contact me! I've been through the same experience - my hearing loss was a result of the chicken pox and anti-virals. I woke up completely deaf (with the windchimes, ice-cream trucks, rushing winds and men's choirs) in October of 2004. Got my CI in 9/05. I also was obsessed with sign language as a kid - read every Helen Keller book I could find. It was if I had been preparing myself for this eventuality. Email me if you'd like to chat! (my blog is still up - I don't focus so much on the CI - the old blog, "The Year I Went Deaf", I removed because of my divorce. I do talk about it a lot and there are pictures of it. I dream that I am explaining my CI to old friends odd - I used to dream my hearing came back...). Regards, Tina Matyskela

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