Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Just gimmee the damn chicken strips already...

Ya want to know what is the most unexpected change in my daily routine?

Eating at fast-food places.

It's true.

Drive-thrus are right out, obviously, but even a simple takeout order can be a nightmare, since the staff are told to offer you all and sundry kinds of things you didn't ask for, and lipreading is all about context. When I say, "A chicken fajita, to go, please," I may be able to catch "Anything to drink?" or "Hot or mild salsa?" because they're in context; but I sure as hell am confused at "Would you like to try one of our new yogurt and fruit parfait desserts today?"

So frequently, when eating alone or with people I don't know well, my choices are based in a fast-food mall not on what I want but what I think I can get with the least fuss.

Weird, huh?

Ooh, hot tip for any deaf or HoH people out there - Husband found a hella deal on a Shake Awake alarm. (Note: See edit below.) These folks offer free shipping to the US and Canada, and with these units retailing at anywhere from $19 on Ebay to $49.99 retail, plus shipping, it's a hot deal.

I was put off initially by the url - www.buyershaven.com? Buyer Shaven??? - until I went to the website and saw that it's "Buyer's Haven". Aha.

Edit: I guess you get what you pay for. I never recieved the alarm, and Buyer's Haven did not respond to repeated emails asking for information or a refund.



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