Friday, July 30, 2004

Music for the eyes

Last Friday, my good friend "C" noted that our vacations were going to overlap for a week, and did I want to go out for lunch and then do 'the BAG' and a few other art galleries?

Well, bless her, but her suggestion could not have possibly come at a better time, as I had decided early on to focus on what I could read and see and feel, rather than curling up into a fetal position about what I could not hear, or consider, or understand, or respond to. So a day of galleries was the clear thing.

We had a truly smashing day, 'at least, for my part'... the BAG has not only completely remodeled since I'd last been, but has quietly acquired some wonderful new pieces; a crayon sketch of "Leda" by Matisse; two Warhol prints; a sketch by Jean Cocteau; several pieces by Miller Brittain, just smashing stuff. The current main exhibit is a collection of Dali works from across the country; friends of the BAG will know it has a special tie with Dali thanks to Lord and Lady Dunn arranging for it to be the home of the huge and magnificent "Santiago el Grande".

We also visited Gallery 78 and enjoyed their top-notch collection of Canadian (and largely New Brunswick) artists; Molly Lamb Bobak and Bruno Bobak, William and Tom Forrestall, Mary and Christopher Pratt...

Just truly a wonderful, wonderful day, and a great, if unintentional, reminder of how blessed I still am.



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