Friday, July 16, 2004

Hey, speaking of cancer (we were earlier but it was a false alarm), that's a good segue for me to mention one of the best comics I've ever seen - a graphic novel in progress, I'd call it, done by a guy who I 'know on the net'. It's called mom's cancer and it is brilliant in concept(s), draughtsmanship and writing.
A friend who reads both this blog and (hi, Mike!) noted the similarities, particularly in the early entries to both 'journals'. A lot of trying to see doctors and get help, and when it does happen it's either by sheer dumb luck or someone's kind intervention. I suspect that whatever your malady, that's a story we all share.
Anyway, I challenge you to read mom's cancer and come away unmoved.
I strongly recommend it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ronnie: if we ever find ourselves within 100 km. of each other, dinner's on me. Thanks for sharing this part of your impulse I can appreciate.

3:37 p.m.  

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