Friday, July 09, 2004

Lucky Ducky

So, starting Monday, we start ASL lessons during lunch, two days a week.

Me and husband.

And nearly the whole staff.

And a Board member.

Just when I think there isn't anything left that could surprise me about this bunch I work with, they do something that makes me shake my head. This was all organized without my knowledge until it was a done deal; "Ariel", the co-worker fluent in ASL, offered to hold lunchtime classes for staff and nearly all signed up. In addition, at least one Board member who is a volunteer and has a busy day job is going to join us.

I know it isn't all warm and fuzzy; it's about being pragmatic and about the frustration they're going through having to write everything to me, too. But taking two lunch hours each week of their own time so that they can communicate with me, when most of them could find other ways which would be easier for them, is really something I am amazed that so many of them chose to do. Many of them I don't "work with" as much as socialize with at work because we are on different projects and programs; those must be doing it out of friendship.

All I have been able to think since this incredible support system began springing up around me is, "Lucky. Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky. In the face of this shitty thing. Lucky, lucky, lucky."

"You lucky ducky, you."



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