Sunday, July 04, 2004

Visiting the folks

Had a really smashing visit with Mum & Dad today, it couldn't really have gone any better... I think they're reassured. I took them some printed material on the cochlear implants as they're not very net-savvy. I explained it in detail to Mum while Dad explained the Citation Coach in detail to husband ;) Quite a little palace he's got himself there, I was most impressed. I am delighted for him; from the time I was a little girl I remember him wanting one of those RVs so badly, and he's finally made it happen. It's a beautiful unit and I hope it gives him thousands of hours of pleasure. (Mum is a bit less of a camper; but if she's got a book and a cozy corner to read it in, she's pretty happy anywhere.)

The only thing I can't for the life of me figure out is where Dad learned to correctly sign "I love you" in full in ASL. I asked husband on the way home - husband, who knows it, didn't teach him. I guess he'll never cease to surprise me.

Tomorrow I am back at work fulltime and in spite of my undeniably amazing support system, I am very nervous. The first few days are going to be quite difficult until we settle into a pattern. One foot in front of the other.



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