Saturday, July 03, 2004

Family matters.

Good day, friend - well, actually it hasn't been a very good day, I've got a sore throat, muscle aches and giddiness; a review of the info included with my corticosteroid prescription suggests that at least the former two may be a side effect, so following Dr. H's instructions should I have any discomfort, I halved today's pill and will do so tomorrow; if I'm still feeling poorly Monday I'll call his office about whether to stop.

Tomorrow we are driving to a campground in Amherst, NS to visit my mom & dad, who are RVing through Nova Scotia (from Newfoundland). The original plan, made a couple of months ago, was that at least I, and if possible husband, would drive down there on their visit and spend some time with them. Now, the whole hearing-loss debacle has put the kibosh on that; I am no longer comfortable highway-driving alone (while I am quite comfortable driving in-town, a ten-minute cruise to a suburb last week quite frightened me; the thought that the car could be making some awful warning grind I couldn't hear took me hold and shook me quite badly) and husband can't get off work so easily on short notice, being a cog in the Great Wheel of Beaurocracy ;) so we shall settle for a few hours' visit tomorrow instead.

They are naturally worried sick; I have been only able to communciate with them through my remarkable sister, who lives in NF and who has been an absolute tower of strength and wisdom, and a great helpmate to me in these past weeks. There is nine years' age difference between us (she is younger and will always be, dammit!) so we never really got to know each other as kids; but what a joy and privilege to have gotten to know her as an adult! One of the funniest, smartest, most creative people I know, and best of all, someone I can spend hours and hours and hours with just doing nothing and really enjoying it. Sisters by odd genetic chance; but close, close friends by absolute choice, at least for my part. I love her so much. This clever girl sent me an article on cochlear implants a full two weeks ago, when I didn't even know they could treat nerve deafness! (Well, someone in the family had to get the brains; neither brother nor I did!)

I am very much looking forward to seeing mum and dad, if only to assure them that their eldest is fat and healthy and fussy and opinionated and talking too much, as always. I do know that the 2.5 hour drive each way is going to be exhausting, though; and I am back to work fulltime on Monday. What a terrifying prospect! I am scared, I won't lie to you. Helps to know I have this amazing support system beneath my arms, my legs, my feet, bearing me upwards at every step. And that's all I know how to do, is just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Until I fall over ;)



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