Wednesday, June 30, 2004

When something goes right / It's apt to confuse me / It's such an unusual sight*

*Something So Right, Paul Simon

I wasn't sure what to expect at today's appointment with Dr. Henderson. So often in my experience working with medical professionals, one (a nurse, technician, family practitioner) will offer you tons of encouragement and advice about what path to pursue with the next (specialist) professional, only to find that the specialist - the one with the power to move things ahead - isn't interested in following that path and you're stuck with no further referral.

That's what I was afraid of today. "Alain" had been so helpful with the discussion of the cochlear implant possiblity yesterday that I tossed and turned in bed all night wondering what I would do if Dr. Henderson dismissed it out of hand. Press? Argue? Beg? I don't know what Dr. Henderson knows. I might be a patient advocating for my rights. I might be a nutbar arguing for something he knows won't help.

But when things work, they work; and when they work, it seems to be mostly because somebody makes them work. When I saw Dr. H. at 9 am this morning, not only had Alain already contacted him yesterday, but Dr. H. had written a letter of referral to the cochlear implant evaluation doctor, noting that Alain and he both agreed that I might be a strong candidate for CI! He let me read the letter, which was most helpful to understanding my situation.

So now my instructions are to continue with the steroid on the off chance - neither of us hope - of spontaneous recovery; wait for a CAT scan appointment; and wait for an appointment to have CI evaluation done, in Halifax. Dr. H. has put an "urgent" request on it, although regular waiting time is four to six weeks.

Unbelievably heady. I'll write more about what I've learned about CIs in the days to come - not nearly as creepy as I had let myself think, as it turns out - for those of you who are interested. For one thing, I had the surgery and the components all misunderstood. But more on that later...



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