Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Big, Fat, Flat, and in Living Colour...

This afternoon husband* insisted we buy a tv equipped with closed-captioning. I protested, saying it was a luxury, it could wait, but he insisted, and there's a beautiful big flatscreen at the foot of the bed as I type. (Hearing people would never realize this, but flatscreen makes CC much, much easier to read - a fact that husband discovered in his research on a new tv. This man is a 24-carat-gold partner.).

And suddenly news about the world is flowing in around me again. I am really surprised that I have learned that, in spite of the fact that I would have said I get the majority of my news from the internet now, the fact is I get the majority of my in-depth news from the internet; for a quick overview of what's going on in my country or the one next door, nothing still beats a television "headlines" segment from CNN, Newsworld or NewsNet.


*In this blog I refer to my husband as "husband" in order to protect his anonymity, although most of you reading know him, or at least his name. He didn't ask to be in a public weblog; he didn't even know I was mounting one until I gave him the URL, although he read and approved the first two posts in their original magazine article format.

He has been the staff in my hand and the light on my path for many years "in sickness and in health"; and now he patiently and lovingly adds to that list the sound to my ears; and by referring to him as "husband" I mean to connote all the respect and commitment the term truly deserves.


Anonymous acupuncture bell's palsy said...

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1:20 a.m.  
Anonymous peter kenneth said...

I’m surely coming again to read these articles and blogs...

1:21 a.m.  

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