Friday, July 16, 2004

It's noisy, being deaf

Okay, today my tinnitus isn't too bad, so it's a good day to write about it. On days when the tinnitus is bad, it pretty much takes all my ability just to ignore it; writing about it tends not to help me ignore it.
The tinnitus started right after the hearing loss became complete. Up until then I'd never had any of the bells and whistles in my head. It started quietly and has gotten progressively louder. Now it's pretty much the equivalent of having a vacuum cleaner on either side of my head all the time. On a bad day, it reminds me of standing between two jets, although I would wager that someone who actually stands between jets for a living would disagree.
I wonder if acupuncture would help? It's helped me with other things in the past. Otherwise, I can't think of what they can do to stop tinnitus in a deaf person. How weird. I am completely deaf, and all I can think sometimes is how much I want the noise to stop.
I am going to ask Dr. H. about it when I next see him, which is the 21st. On Tuesday, the 20th, I have a CAT scan to see if maybe a tumor is causing this and, if not, if something else is wrong inside my skull. (Just to show what a shallow person I am, it occurred to me what a pain in the ass it's going to be to have to take out all my earrings, which have locking backs - 3 in one ear, 2 in the other - and reinsert them all. I've got MY priorities straight, all right.) 
Anyway, I got some good news today. I saw my family physician about a small mole I had which has recently turned into a larger and differently-shaped mole. (This, I thought, is precisely what I need right now.) Anyway, he looked at it and said, "It's fine. You'll get more of them."
Great! It's not cancer! It's old age!
Of course, both will kill you in the end.


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