Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Yes, She Has No Implants

Kathryn Woodcock is an engineer, holds a PhD and is a deafened adult. She runs the website. She is also cranky, curmudgeonly and no-nonsense and speaks her mind. That's why, while she can seem a bit harsh, I find myself returning to her website for commentary and articles.

In Yes, We Have No Implants, she takes a critical look at why deafened adults choose to get implants. Do we feel guilty? A burden to our friends and families? Is this a good reason to opt for serious surgery?

Hearing people can't imagine anyone not wanting to get a CI. For the deafened or the deaf, it's a much more complex question. Woodcock herself has chosen not to get one. I think it's a thought-provoking and worthwhile article, a bit of a reality check, and a useful opportunity to continue hearing both sides of the debate.



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