Friday, October 01, 2004

They've got to do what?

Well, I am in a good mood, largely because John Kerry fairly handed Bush his ass on a plate last night. Of course, I could be biased, but Jimmy Breslin agrees with me.

Good class last night; we did some review; how to sign large numbers (hundreds, thousands, millions, etc.); education vocabularly; and sports vocabulary. I would've been happy if he'd just taught us the important sports, but I guess we do need to grow our vocabularies in all areas, and if I am ever in a life-threatening situation where knowing the ASL sign for "gymnastics" is the key to survival, I'm ready. (I'm also ready with kick-boxing, ping-pong, and karate, just in case).

I also saw Dr. Henderson yesterday. It's amusing, he can't do a thing for me anymore, really, so these are almost more like social visits, as if he says to himself, "hmm, wonder how they're getting along?" and has us in for a visit. He has called Halifax (thankyou thankyou thankyou) and the doc there, Morris, says I look like a good candidate and we just have to wait our turn. Politics rears its ugly head as each province in the region has a quota based on funding they contribute to the program. I am seized with doubt that this government is shoveling money at a hospital in Halifax to secure CIs for their people, although perhaps that's a little unfair.

The visit was not without some news, though - can you believe that after all I went through to get that damned tube put into my ear, they now have to take it out before the CI surgery? Bloody flipping heck! I couldn't believe it. Dr. H. promises "the procedure is much less invasive". Yes, well, yanking stuff out of holes is, compared to making holes to crams things into in the first place. But I am hardly looking forward to this exciting new development. That happens October 22, which I see is a Friday, so at least I get to sit at home and eat and sulk all weekend if it hurts :)



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