Wednesday, December 08, 2004

How did the deaf guy cross the road?

You know, "Scott Adams Giant Megalithic Corporation, Inc." may just sue me, but this is so good I gotta post it. I subscribe to the monthly "Dogbert's New Ruling Class" newsletter (Motto: "A little ray of bitter sunshine") and readers are encouraged to send in true tales of "in-duh-viduals". This contribution is in this month's newsletter:

"My friend was standing with an Induhvidual at a crosswalk the other day when they heard the signals that indicate to the blind that it is safe to cross the street. The Induhvidual asked 'What is that?' My friend said, 'That's for the blind. The chirping sound indicates that it's safe to cross the street north to south. The cuckoo sound indicates that it's safe to cross east to west.' The person looked at my friend and asked, 'What do the deaf people do when they need to cross the street?'"

We wing it, my friend. We wing it.




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