Wednesday, November 10, 2004

"We gotta get out of this place, if it's the last thing we ever do..."

You probably won't be hearing too much from me for the next couple of days, or at least until Saturday night or Sunday... tomorrow is Remembrance Day in Canada and traditionally a very quiet day, everything closed, a sort of general wistfulness in the air. It is a very low-key day in the ronniecat household.

Then on Friday I am going for my cochlear implant evaluation. When I got the call a month ago it seemed like it would be forever to wait; now it seems the call came just last week. I am excited and very nervous. My sister emailed me after I posted the message in this blog with all the questions about how I should dress and act and what I should say, and said quite correctly that of course the only thing to do regarding a life-change this important is be myself and be completely honest, which I know was really my intent all along.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I want this so very much.



Blogger TuneQueen said...

I found your blog by doing "next blog"

Cool blog - best of luck with your implant!

4:11 p.m.  

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