Tuesday, November 02, 2004

All your speech are belong to us

Well, we've finished ASL Level I and tonight starts Level II. I would've murdered for a week off between Levels. Wouldn't it be lovely to go home and do nothing after work for an entire week!

Check this out. There's a possibility that I'll be getting my hands on a laptop with voice recognition technology.

These systems use the same technology that is used to assist Closed-Captioning Stenographers. The best-reviewed, Dragon SpeakingNaturally, can learn to read a speaker's voice in just four minutes and after 30 minutes increases to a 98% accuracy rate.

The software isn't that expensive, it's the muscle that it needs under the hood that will make the computer expensive... and it has to be portable, right? Which doubles the cost automatically.

This may be possible through a program that helps fund technology which makes it possible for handicapped people to attain or keep their jobs. I'm working on the paperwork now. Not daring to hope, though, it seems too cool.



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