Monday, October 25, 2004

Hi, Evaluation Team, look at how... uh... something I am!

So, if you can imagine it, I am already obsessing about the CI evaluation.

The first question was Husband's: the trip will require one overnight stay - should we drive down the night before, or stay down the night after? Hmm. I thought, "I won't sleep the night before anyway... I can doze in the car on the drive... I think I'd rather go in knowing I had a relaxing evening at a local hotel coming up..."

But the questions surrounding the most important audition of my life continue to pile up.

How should we dress? Professionally, to remind them that a) we take this seriously, and b) I am a good, taxpayin' contributin' member of society - for now? Or casually, like people who aren't at work today and aren't all, anal-retentive yuppies, an' stuff?

What about sign language? Do we impress them with our progress and our commitment to "total communication"? Or do we downplay it as a way of reinforcing how much I need the CI to get by?

Do I mention the constant, loud tinnitus? Is that a sign I am ready to 'hear' with a CI? Or is it 'radio interference', which will lessen my chances of 'hearing' clearly with one?

Do I show them how independent and confident I constantly work on being? Or do I emphasize how bereft life without hearing has made me, how much I need to get out of this prison?

Anyone with answers to the above questions is cordially invited to email them to ronniecat at ronniecat dot com ...



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