Saturday, October 23, 2004

Movie Night in Canada

Hi, everybody,

Just a quick post to say that, yeah, I got the tube "yankered" out yesterday (that's a little in-joke for the folks from rec.arts.comics.strips, heh heh). It really hurt but it was also really fast - Dr. H. pretty much just grabbed that sucker and pulled and twisted. It felt just like a cork coming out. Only with pain :)

I yelled, which I am embarrased by and a bit ashamed of, but I did and it was involuntary and that's that. Then I came home and went straight for a nap, because I am sheerly exhausted now, not as in "What a day! I'm exhausted!" anymore but as in an exhaustion that is manifesting itself physically in headaches, shakiness and trembling, feeling faint and nausea. I went out for a few hours last night to socialize, then we came home to watch "This is Spinal Tap" which is about the best antidote for anything unpleasant that I can think of. Today we did a couple of light errands and I just spent the rest of the day crashed out, and I am feeling better already. Husband is so good about this, he can see, I think, when I am at the end of my rope and he is just there for me and lets me vegitate on the bed watching tv and looks out for me. It's been a very tough week on him, too. (His mom is out of hospital, though, and doing fine, so that's one worry lightened.)

I looked at my stats for this page yesterday and saw that in the last month, we've had visitors from the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Uruguay, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. (We're very big in the Scandinavian countries for some reason, which I'm guessing is like Gowan being very big in Japan or Modabo being huge in Germany or whatever.) So that's pretty cool. We R International.

At class on Thursday we learned family relationships (mother, father, cousin, nephew, etc.) and, believe it or not, the national anthem. "O Canada" is not translated literally (ASL is not SE or Signed English, so it doesn't necessarily follow English grammar patterns) and on paper it reads like a car accident. But if you are thinking in ASL mode it makes sense, and when you see it performed, it is positively stirring. I'll type in the lyrics in my next post.

Got to go. It's "Movie Night in Canada" (I kid you not: due to the hockey lockout the CBC has poor Ron McLean hosting movies from a hockey rink, God's sake) and I have a flat screen tv, a cold Labatt's Blue and a goose down duvet acessorized with two warm cats upstairs, with my name on all of it.



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