Thursday, October 21, 2004

People unclear on the concept

Of all the theories about whether Bush was wired during the debates and what "Bush's bump" might be related to - a tiny, near-invisible mic in the ear canal, a molar telephone, or "the place where Dick Cheney attaches the strings", the most ludicrous theory was posted on this website, which suggested a cochlear implant.

At first I assumed that the author was erroneously referring to a tiny ear-canal microphone as a CI, but he even includes a link to a site on CIs.

Somebody is very unclear on the concept - not to mention the wisdom of opening up the President's skull when there are far simpler technologies that would serve the alleged purpose.

It was pretty funny, though, to imagine the adorable urchin on the CI website referenced as being the bearer of a sinister technology being used to trick the American people and the world.



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