Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"I didn't know the wind made noise."

A great article ran in The Globe and Mail on Saturday about a fellow who got a CI at the age of 27 after being nearly entirely deaf all his life. His results are remarkable in my opinion, given his age and degree of deafness.

I always enjoy these stories. Every story is absolutely unique and almost all are joyous. My favourite quote from this article?

"I got on my bike and heard the wind in my ears. I didn't know the wind made noise."

Think about that.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two great entries in a row, thanks very much for these. I enjoyed the "Globe and Mail" article, but fear your story about buying wire by the foot-meter will only reinforce my country's (USA! USA!) stubbornness about joining the metric world. And it's not clear how much wire your husband actually paid for: 3 meters, or 8 feet? If the clerk measured off 8 feet but charged him for 3 meters, that's a pretty good scam.


4:43 p.m.  

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