Monday, October 24, 2005

If all the world's a stage, can I get better lighting?

The nice lady from the CBC taped the story on Thursday... it took all day! She wanted to shoot me in my office and I said "sure" - but I didn't realize it would take two hours. She interviewed one of my co-workers and me. After work, Husband, C and I met at a local coffee shop where they filmed some more. No idea when it'll be on - as a "human interest" story that's not time-sensitive they'll stick it in as filler one day I suppose :) Anyway, it was kind of fun and she has oodles of film now, I only hope she edits it into something that doesn't make me look like too much of an idiot.

I was careful to emphasize that I thought the CI was miraculous and wonderful for me as a hearing person who had lost my hearing. I am sensitive to the feelings of my Deaf friends who don't feel that they were born "broken" and don't feel they need to be "fixed". (Some of them could not be helped by a CI - for them, especially, their identity as whole, Deaf people is key to their self-esteem and psychological integrity.) Those Deaf friends were my lifeline when I went deaf, and I don't want to alienate or hurt them. We disagree wildly on some things - such as whether and under what circumstances very young children should be implanted - but I respect them.



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