Friday, December 16, 2005

Engrish Sightings

Engrish is the mangled English that results when product concepts, names, descriptions or instructions are translated - badly - from another language (usually Chinese or Japanese). It can be most readily found in the west in "dollar stores" or "99 cent stores", where the vast majority of the goods are manufactured and packaged in Asia. Hilarity ensues.

Fans of Engrish collect and compare examples as religiously as Phish fans collect show recordings. It has been a pursuit of Husband's and mine for some years now, and a great example of Engrish is considered a real prize for the Christmas stocking each year.

I discovered two brilliant examples today but, alas, they adorned the display packaging and not the items themselves, so I had to be content with "capturing them" in photo format.

What kitchen is complete without that handy household ingredient, Owl Slime? Now in attractive, authentic owl-shaped container!

Or, if your tastes run to the even more macabre, treat yourself to a gigantic, fuzzy spider, which anyone with eyes in their head can see is 'horrendously animal'!

(Yes, those are the horrendously legs of the animal in the lower left corner of the photo. It is a pretty horrendously animal.)



Anonymous Sister said...

I prefer the Original Owl Slime over the new and improved owl slime, personally. It's much more...owlly.

7:35 p.m.  

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