Friday, December 16, 2005

"People are still speaking French and I am still nodding politely as though I understand them. "

Have I mentioned that we got an Election for Christmas? Ho ho ho. The Government done falled on Veronica's haid and we now have to go through another campaign for another election of another minority government which means that before Christmas 2008 we will undoubtedly have done the whole fandango yet again. I love Canada, a country which logically can't exist any more than a bumblebee can fly.

Well, as much as I groan, I am a political junkie from a family of political junkies, married to a professional political junkie, surrounded by friends who are political junkies and we will play and play with all our hearts. We watched the French "debate" last night (if your idea of a debate is to watch four middle-aged rich white guys look earnestly into a camera and regurgitate prepared policy statements, you were in for a real treat!) and will watch the debate in English tonight. (Speaking of the French debate, what was the idea with the CBC of having a guy with a British accent translate the voters' questions into English? Were they trying to make Gilles Duceppe's head burst like an overripe cherry?)

Well, if you have to follow this thing you may as well have a jolly good laugh while you're doing so, and the most talked-about online element of this election has been Scott Feschuk's weblog. Scott is Paul Martin's chief speechwriter and his election blog has been truly funny from the very first post. (I wasn't the only one less than impressed with the new, 'more decorous' Leader's Debate format. Feschuk: "I am dejected to see that, yet again, the consortium of television networks that presides over these debates has declined my innovative, audience-friendly format of 'answer a question, chug a beer'." Now that, my friends, would be some good debate.)

Scott's correspondents express outrage that his "drivel" is allowed to be published by the Liberal Party of Canada. A reference he made to "Omni subscribers" being socially awkward people who believe in UFOs was picked up and denounced by Conservative MP Jason Kenney who misunderstood Scott to be talking about subscribers to Canada's multicultural tv channel "Omni", which made me laugh hysterically. ("What's he saying?" Kenney sputtered. "That people from ethnic minorities who are the television viewers of Omni are paranoid, are abnormal, are ungrounded in reality? What's he saying?... I think he has to explain himself, and so does the prime minister!")

Feschuk was, of course, referring to readers of the now-defunct Omni science magazine.

Ah, Scott. You're gonna be good company through this looney campaign.



Anonymous Sister said...

I enjoyed watching the debate too, though of course, I can only watch it in english. I think what I like most about watching political debates is not so much what they say, but HOW they say it, and what body language they use. One of my favourite moments came very early in the show when right off the bat, the question regarding same-sex marriage was brought up, and it was handed to Harper right away. He talked and talked, generally using the "Poligab" that they all use, but when he was finished, he looked at Martin with a big, pleased grin on his face, reminding me of a kid who had successfully recited a memorized tract from a textbook for school, complete with that "See? SEE?" look in his eye. There were others, of course, but that's the only one I remember right now. Ah, it's gonna be an interesting few months.

7:41 p.m.  

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