Thursday, January 19, 2006

Get some great world music and give £1 to SE Asia earthquake survivors facing a bitterly cold winter

The massive earthquake which devastated Kashmir, Pakistan and northern India last year has claimed tens of thousands of lives already. But with winter biting hard, there are fears that the death toll could rise yet further.

Yesterday, in my inbox, I received a request for help and a way to do so. Peter Gabriel’s WOMAD (World Music, Arts and Dance) has had ties with Pakistan from many years, particularly with Qawwali music and the extraordinary voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. His family have generously agreed to allow WOMAD to make two tracks available for download to raise money for the earthquake survivors.

For £1 (as of today, just $2.06 CAD or$1.76 USD) you can access a very high quality Digital Download of these two beautiful and hypnotic MP3 tracks from the legendary Sufi master -
Mustt Mustt, the Seminal 1990 remix by Bristol's Trip-Hop pioneers Massive Attack, and Taboo, the epic collaboration with Peter Gabriel.

I downloaded these last night and was extremely impressed and moved by the music. Even hearing them through my CI, the superior quality of the digital sound is evident.

WOMAD doesn't keep any of your £1. You get two great pieces of music, and all of your money (except external transaction charges) goes to charities working to support victims of the South East Asia Earthquake. For more information or to download the tracks, go to click on the graphic at left.



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