Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Things we said today.

My workplace is unique. Not only is the type of work we do (immigration and multiculturalism policy) somewhat unusual, but the nature of the work means that the people I work for, and with, come from every corner of the globe, speak all languages, practice all customs, and range from millionaire entrepreneurs who have come to Canada to start businesses to refugees who arrived literally with their hopes and dreams and the clothing on their backs.

This leads to some work circumstances and situations that I suppose would be considered incredibly odd or bizarre in other workplaces or, as today, leads to me realizing that I utter some odd statements in the course of my workday. So starting today I introduce to you "Things We Said Today", a collection of rather odd things I found myself uttering (or overhearing) in the course of the workday.

"I need a parole officer. No, no particular one. Any parole officer will do, actually."

"Well, how close is Farsi to Urdu? Can they wing it?"

and last but not least:

"Okay. Just make sure she knows they eat with their hands. You'd be surprised how much that freaks some people out."



Blogger BrianFies said...

As my girls were growing up, I always meant to start a collection of Things I Never Could Have Imagined Saying Before I Had Kids. And I would have published them in a book titled "Don't Hit Your Sister on the Head with a Giant Lollipop While She's Sitting on the Toilet." The moment those words escaped my lips I knew I'd said something never before uttered in the history of humankind. Unfortunately, I never wrote any of them down and they are lost to history. Pity.

12:33 p.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

That is a pity and a damned shame, to boot. Maybe hypnotherapy could help?

Illustrate your reclaimed utterances and you have your second bestseller :)


1:42 p.m.  

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