Saturday, May 13, 2006

Me and Squirrel

Mom's Cancer author Brian included a wonderfully amusing sketch of a squirrel on a recent blog post that I just had to share with you, along with a story the sketch reminded me of.

We have a grey squirrel who has been with us for years and who pulls almost exactly the same stunt to get to our bird feeder - except he has to do it hanging upside down by his back paws. It's quite a sight. He's also wrecked a number of bird feeders by knocking them down and breaking off the perches or breaking the feeders themselves while doing this.

So this spring, while shopping to replace the latest one the little bugger had broken, I said to Husband, "This year I'm going to show him. I'm going to buy a squirrel feeder so he'll leave the bird feeder alone!"

Husband: "A squirrel feeder?" Pause. "So... you win, huh?"

Me: "Damn right! Showed him."



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