Monday, December 04, 2006

Cookin' with gas

What a day... as my cat Mojo has reported in his own completely inimitable style, today in one day we switched from oil heat to joining the natural gas grid.

We've discussed and planned for this move for many months... We needed to switch to an alternative heat form eventually anyway; we're on the water table and our oil tank is no longer an acceptable environmental risk. Electricity wasn't an option - in this big old house? Completely impractical and fabulou$ly expen$ive. We'd love to go much greener but just don't have that much spare money lying around in piles to invest in it right now (although technology like solar panels is something we're pretty much planning to add over time in future).

Pluses included the fact that natural gas is better, environmentally, and it's produced and refined locally in Atlantic Canada (our gas comes from the Sable Island project).

So, big day; Husband didn't get much sleep last night (I did, I worked Saturday - again - and I'm exhausted), but the guys did a crackerjack job and they made it all happen beautifully in one day. Nice warm air gushing out of the vents all over the house as I type.




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