Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow Day

We're getting our share of the general queer winter weather here in Freddie. Up until Christmas it was unseasonably warm. The last few days saw a nasty cold snap that brought temperatures as low as -29c.

Today sees the first really heavy snowfall of the winter. Schools are closed, dozens of meetings and events cancelled. This photo was taken minutes ago by the Lighthouse Adventure Center webcam. (The bridge in the distance is the Westmoreland Street Bridge connecting the north and south sides of Fredericton, which is bisected by the Saint John River. As you can see, the river is has finally frozen and is snow-covered. The larger dark shapes in the river closer to the camera are the piers left from an older bridge, since dismantled.)

Husband says driving is treacherous. Yet I just ran some errands and people are in a great mood, laughing and smiling everywhere you looked.

It revealed something to me about the nature of Canadians and our ambivalence towards our dominant season. We hate cold. But we love snow!



Blogger Brent McKee said...

You're just getting the weather we had in Saskatchewan last week. Worst blizzard to hit Saskatoon in 50 years and the first time since I was in elementary school (maybe 40 years ago) that the schools actually closed because the weather.

3:32 p.m.  

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