Thursday, January 25, 2007

So a deaf guy walks into a comedy club...

Quite a good article in a small UK paper today about the only deaf comic in Britain - "or if there are any others, he hasn't heard them".

His interpretation of the "big-D" "little-d deaf" conflict is a bit simplistic, as it's not really degree of hearing loss but identification with Deaf culture that sets up the dividing line. I am profoundly deaf, but consider myself "deaf" not "Deaf" because I am not culturally Deaf. I know people with vestigal hearing who are Deaf because they have signed all their lives, and relate intimately with Deaf culture.

That mild correction aside, it's a nice little article. I can't decide if he's brave to go out there and plough through when he can't hear the heckling, or stupid. Either way, he's a happy lad, so let's say brave. And funny.




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